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How we do it

Lymm Village

How we do it

Lymm Village

Local tax consultants and accountants in Lymm, Warrington and Cheshire

How we do it

Jane Swain at work

We do accountancy with “coffee, conversation and care”

In our opinion accountancy is as much about communication as it is about numbers and laws.

For us the fun part is sitting down and chatting with our clients about their businesses, hearing about their plans and aspirations and listening to their problems.

Jane Swain at work

Only through spending time with our clients in a relaxed manner can we understand them and therefore help them

Ideas, recommendations and solutions develop naturally. That “stupid” question which the client hesitated to ask can be discussed and will probably turn out not only to be a very sensible question but the start of a whole new set of issues or opportunities.

How we Charge

We combine city knowledge with local care and charges

We charge on an hourly basis but, once we understand something about your business, usually give fixed quotes in advance for recurring compliance work.

Fee Protection Scheme

We have a fee protection insurance scheme

Clients can join our fee protection insurance scheme to cover their fees in the event that they are subject to an HMRC investigation.

Clearbooks 'Cloud' Accounting

We encourage businesses to keep their costs down by doing the “donkey work” of the bookkeeping themselves by using Clearbooks “cloud” based accounting software.

We teach you how to use this and with it being in the “cloud” we can easily keep an eye on what you are doing to ensure you don’t get into a mess, resolve any problems you may have and correct any mistakes you make.

The software is written for lay people, not trained bookkeepers or accountants, and all of our clients who use it are finding it easy to use and a great asset.